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The mission of the Nuvole Ensemble is to bring the intimacy of chamber music to the greater Chicago area while incorporating creative collaborations with arts institutions in Chicagoland, including staged works and concerts, which will enhance the musical landscape of the region.  We share a passion for music, a commitment to excellence, and a desire to bring a new, shared experience of classical music to listeners of all ages, backgrounds, and aspirations.

Some of our founding ensemble members are pictured above, including  Gregory Tufts (founder, conductor), Martina Skalova (Viola), Amy Anderson (Violin I), and Allegra Montanari (Cello).  Contact Gregory Tufts via email to book the Nuvole Ensemble today!

Gregory Tufts is the founder and conductor of the Nuvole Ensemble.  Below are two short clips of the ensemble in action during Main Street Opera’s 2014 production of Lucia di Lammermoor.

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